FEC Remote Lighting Controller

FEC’s Remote Lighting Controller is an all new, fully digital design that combines ease of installation and use with sophisticated yet simple and secure configuration via the IP65 rated keypad and LCD display or via SMS.

Architecture of Remote Lighting Controller

Effective operator or pilot control of Helipad Lighting is critical to the safe operation of an installation and traditional Radio Pilot Controlled Lighting (PCL) solutions using the VHF radio is a tried and trusted method.

Now there is a new way to control your lighting and peripheral circuits using FEC’s new Remote Lighting Controller (RLC) which integrates both traditional VHF PCL and adds SMS control and monitoring with the option of automatic weather reporting (wind speed/direction, temperature, dew point and pressure) right from your helipad.

FEC’s Remote Lighting Controller sits at the heart of a monitoring and control capability bringing together for the first time remote lighting control, helipad weather and system reporting. The architecture can be used simply to control lights or, with additional meteorological sensors, to provide richer monitoring and reporting both by helipad operators and other agencies.

All of these features are under the full and secure control of the owner/operator and are the basic building blocks on which future FEC developments will be built.

Key Features
  • Traditional VHF Pilot Controlled Lighting (PLC) configuration
  • Simple frequency setting through front panel – no fiddly switches
  • Defined number of presses to activate Circuits 1, 2 or 3
  • Programmable timeout with optional flashes to indicate end of "On" period
  • VHF operation can be remotely enabled/disabled for extra security
  • FCC/EU approved, Integrated tri-band GSM Telemetry Engine for SMS control
  • Secure PIN code protected SMS commands to monitor and control your installation
  • Secure SMS status reporting – check out your installation before taking off
  • Remotely activate Circuits 1, 2 or 3 and have the status sent straight back to your mobile
  • Optional weather station interface for meteorological information from your helipad
  • Two 20 Amp heavy duty relays in the box – Enables linked peripheral shutdown
  • Local and remote test and diagnostics integrated into the unit
  • Very low power consumption – Approx. 2W (idle) and less than 30W max. (including internal winter heater)
  • Operates from 110-240V AC 50-60Hz or 12V DC (ideal for solar and batteries)


SKU: HP0656

Part Number:

  • HP0655 - RLC Remote/Mimic Panel
  • HP0656 - Remote Lighting Controller VHF/SMS
  • HP0656U - Remote Lighting Controller VHF/SMS/Remote for HEMS-Star
  • HP0659 - Meteorological Unit