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FEC Remote Lighting Controller


SKU: HP0656

Key Features

  • Extends operating hours for helipads and heliports.
  • Optional Weather Reporting Station.
  • Seamless integration with the MetPak Weather Station (wind speed/direction, temperature, dew point and pressure) right from your helipad via SMS message to the pilot.
  • Operates from 110-240V AC 50-60Hz or 12V DC (ideal for solar and batteries).
  • Fully Digital Design.
  • Traditional VHF or SMS control.
  • Remote control, monitor, and troubleshoot globally via SMS.

Product Details

FEC Remote Lighting Controller represents the combination of two wireless technologies. The integration of VHF with SMS enables both remote pilot or operator control via radio, whilst enabling the system to be controlled and monitored from any position globally via a text message on SMS.

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