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Programmable LED Location & Identification Beacon


SKU: HP2040

Key Features

  • FAA L-802H Civil Helipad Beacon - 36 Flashes per Minute [FPM], 75ms pulse width
  • US Army Helipad Pattern (as per TM 5-811-5) 36 Flashes per Minute, 50ms pulses White (double Peak) – Green - Yellow
  • FAA L-802M Military Helipad Beacon - 17.3 FPM, 100ms pulse width
  • 2 Location beacon modes:
  • Modified ICAO pattern (short [2mS] and long [ 25mS] pulse) - 30 FPM
  • 25 FPM UK CAA and Transport Canada timing compliant
  • 2 Morse beacon modes: 4 - 6 WPM (Words Per Minute): 1, 2 and 3 character code options
  • Rotating (simulated) and flashing beacon modes
  • Provision for an additional 8 custom patterns

Product Details

Available as three or single color units, using high brightness LEDs and advanced micro-electronics

to provide a range of pre-programmed and user field-selectable operating modes with on-board

switches to enable different maximum light output levels to be set and to enable control which

quadrants of light are active

Quadrant Control:

There may be situations where an operator requires that the beacon is only visible from certain

directions (for example, to avoid dazzling pilots or causing a distraction).

Usually this would require the operator to fit screening or similar but with the FEC Programmable

Location & Identification Beacon this is simply achieved by disabling the relevant array(s) by means of

simple switches on the main circuit board.

To disable a particular array simply slide the switch to ON (Disable) using the tip of a ball point pen or

similar tool. The relevant array(s) will remain permanently disabled in all programming modes until the

switch(es) are turned off again.

As shipped, all of the arrays are enabled (all Array Disable switches – Off) giving the full 360o pattern as

shown 360 Quadrant 4:4 Arrays opposite.

Electrical Characteristics: Operating voltage: 120-240VAC Average power consumption: Less than 90 watts Protection LED Lifetime (projected): >50,000 hours Relay contact output for alarm monitoring LED

Color Characteristics Standard: White: 6000oK/6500oK ‘Cool White’ Green: 528nm Yellow: 590nm

Options: Red 625nm; Red-Orange 617nm; Hyper Red 656nm or Deep Blue 455nm

Physical Characteristics: 8 inches tall 7.063" Bolt Circle Degree of protection: IP66 Operating temperature: -25oC to +50oC Storage temperature: -25oC to +80oC

Level Setting Switches: Maximum brightness to be set to 4 levels:- 100% of Maximum Level (Factory Set Default) 60% of Maximum Level 30% of Maximum Level 10% of Maximum Level

Product Downloads

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