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Pad-Star DC Remote Lighting Controller

Key Features

  • Very low power consumption - Approx. 3W (idle) and less than 30W max. (including internal winter heater).
  • Operates from 110-240V AC 50-60Hz or 12V -24V DC (ideal for solar and batteries).
  • Simple helipad cabling - two core cable taken to each light.
  • Smart installation, setup, control and monitoring - communication over the data cable to intelligent light drivers
  • ICAO plus additional light levels for both visible and infra-red LEDs
  • VHF airband receiver for pilot control

Product Details

FEC’s Pad-Star Lighting Controller V2 (PLC) is an all new, fully digital design that combines ease of installation and use with sophisticated yet simple and secure configuration via the IP65 rated keypad and LCD display or via UHF wireless link to FEC's Systems Management Software on a PC. The PLC is a sophisticated, multi-channel combined power supply and controller for low voltage (12V - 24V DC) wired helipad lights (Pad-Star®). PLC V2 can optionally be fitted with our high performance all-digital VHF airband receiver for pilot control.

Product Downloads

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