The FEC Advantage

FEC Heliports is a partner of Federal Equipment Company. FEC was founded in 1982 and began as a small replacement parts supplier for material handling equipment in the US ARMY, US NAVY, US Coast Guard and shipyards throughout the world. Federal Equipment Company quickly grew into a complete engineering and manufacturing company and was recently awarded a 55 million dollar contract with Huntington Ingalls Industries, formerly Northrop Grumman, to build and install the new FEC designed weapons elevators for the next generation of US Navy aircraft carriers. It was our extensive military experience that paved the way for us to expand into the commercial market in 1996 and open the doors for FEC Heliports.

Design Team Experience

Experience counts when you're landing helicopters. Over the past 20 years, FEC Heliports has designed, manufactured and installed more rooftop and aluminum helipads than anyone else in the world. Unlike most of our competitors, FEC Heliports has an extensive in-house staff consisting of structural engineers, experienced heliport designers and consultants as well as a complete staff of installers and fabricators. We are staffed to handle multiple heliport projects and still give your project the first class attention it deserves.

A Better Product

FEC Heliports' engineering department has spent many years perfecting the HELISLAT (rooftop) design. With over 250 rooftop installations in the US and abroad, FEC Heliports' HELISLAT design has been consistently proven with installations in every climate and under every condition without fail. FEC Heliports has its own 70,000 square foot production facility. Why is this important? This facility allows us to design, build and inspect all of our heliport equipment before it arrives at your facility. This includes not only the deck and safety netting, but also the lighting, fire suppression skids and snowmelting skids. We can also design and build our own structural steel for decks and walkways, and our facilities allow us to pre-assemble your helipad to ensure proper fitting once we get to the jobsite. These are just a few of the details that the FEC Heliports team goes through to ensure that your experience with our company is successful. Let us show you why FEC Heliports is the best choice for your project!



Headquarters: Cincinnati, Ohio

Founded in 1996, FEC Heliports' headquarters is located in Cincinnati, Ohio USA. This 15 acre site houses our sales and engineering staff and is also the the headquarters of Federal Equipment Company which was established in 1982. This location has 70,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehousing along with a state of the art machining complex that allow us to perform production, assembly and quality assurance.


Chesapeake, Virginia

The Chesapeake facility provides FEC Heliports with an additional 30,000 square feet of production space. We utilize this space to manufacture and assemble our heliports and heliport components. This state of the art facility is located on the Eastern seaboard, allowing easy access for overseas shipping.


United Kingdom

FEC Worldwide is our international partner, strategically located in the United Kingdom just outside of London. The experienced staff is ready to assist all of our international customers with any of their heliport needs. FEC Heliports Worldwide is the only licensed and approved distributor of FEC Heliports to the International community.