Most ground helipads are made out of concrete, but FEC has an option you may not have considered.

Ground Design

FEC Heliports has designed a great alternative to the typical concrete helipad.

Our HELOMAT is specifically designed for ground or retrofit applications. The 1" x 1' wide aluminum panels fit together in a tongue & groove fashion that makes installation a breeze. Not only will this pad never deteriorate the way a concrete pad will, but it can be moved as your facility expands. It has an internal cavity specifically designed for our state-of-the-art snowmelt equipment. If your current concrete pad is deteriorating, our HELOMAT can be put right over the top of your existing pad, providing you with a new low maintenance surface. Preparation for a new ground helipad with our HELOMAT is as simple as the compacted aggregate base that you would use for a concrete pad.

If you still prefer concrete, we can help make sure your design meets the requirements of the FAA’s Advisory Circular. We can also recommend the necessary lighting, fire suppression and paint markings to ensure a safe landing area for your pilots and patients. Contact us today for all of your heliport design needs!

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