Aluminum is perfect for a marine environment.

Offshore Design

FEC Heliports has designed and installed many shipboard and offshore helipads.

Our reputation as a company that gets the job done in the healthcare and traditional helipad industry has helped us break into this challenging environment. Our aluminum helipads are an excellent choice for the type of extreme weather conditions that these helipads incur, while also providing better design options with our lightweight material. Retractable safety netting for shipboard applications is just another example of how our engineers continue to design beyond traditional industry standards.

Helicopter usage offshore, and in support of the shipboard industry, has been an important safety feature for 40+ years. As the industry has grown and explorations have gone farther offshore the design of safe landing pads has become a more complex part of the design process. During this time the FAA, API, ICAO, CAP 437 and the helicopter operators have developed an extensive set of design criteria that deals with every type of helipad design for oil rigs and shipboard applications. Over the past 25 years FEC Heliports has grown along with this industry and has taken a leading role in helping to write and develop many of these design standards. Take advantage of our experience and FEC can do as much or as little of the helipad design that best fits your project. We will deal with sizing and locating the pad, design the safest ingress and egress flight paths, design the support structure, file the proper paperwork and make sure all the required safety items are included with your helidek design. This will allow you the additional time to focus on design aspects of your project that you know best! Below is a partial list of the things FEC Heliports can offer along with some additional items we hope will help you get started.

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