Our lightweight solution works on every building.

Rooftop Design

Whether it’s a retrofit on an existing rooftop or a brand new building, our rooftop system is your best solution.

FEC Heliports has designed the perfect system to support any rooftop application. Our HELISLAT is an aluminum extrusion made of 6000 Series aluminum offering the strength of concrete with the bonus of low maintenance and high durability. It is lightweight enough to work on any building and has a built in cavity for snowmelting to serve those facilities located in snowy or icy environments. Our consultants will visit your facility to help you determine the best location for your rooftop pad per the FAA Guidelines. Our in-house staff of engineers will help you coordinate the design and our experienced installation crew will make the installation easy! We have designed, fabricated and installed more rooftop heliports than anyone else in the world and we would consider it a privilege to help provide your facility with the safest, most cost-effective option on the market today.

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